Wisdom tooth removal

Do you need your wisdom teeth taken out? We can help you fast and pain free

There is definitely better news than hearing that your wisdom teeth need to be removed. However, since remaining wisdom teeth can cause a lot of trouble over the years, like lasting and painful infections, it is a wise decision to have them removed precautionary. At our practice we use minimal invasive methods to take your wisdom teeth out, which means there is only going to be a small surgical intervention with fast and targeted removal. Such a minimal invasive method results in a smaller wound and has therefore shorter healing processes without complications. To be able to remove a wisdom tooth with the minimal invasive method the patients jaw structure and size and location of the tooth need to be analyzed and determined beforehand. It’s the only way to extract the tooth without complications, gently and fast.

Benefits of minimal invasive wisdom tooth removal:

• Small wounds
• Fast and gentle intervention
• Swellings and bleedings are rather small
• Little infection risk
• No antibiotics needed
• Not painful afterwards
• Short regeneration phase

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