Root canal treatment

Even long believed to be lost teeth can be saved

You can’t always tell cavity from the outside. Sometimes germs rage on the inside of the tooth and slowly destroy it from within though. Once you can feel the pain it’s usually already too late. Patient that visit the dentist at that stage usually get to hear things like the tooth is already “dead”. But don’t worry. Such information doesn’t always mean the tooth needs to be pulled. Even a non-vital tooth can be permanently preserved and keep its appearance and functionality. A successful root canal treatment is required. Afterwards the tooth gets filled with an inlay or partial crown and you can no longer tell the difference anymore.

The thermoplastic root canal treatment

At our practice we use a thermoplastic root canal treatment. It is evidentially proven that the results of this method are saver and longer lasting than regular root canal treatments. After clearing the dead nerve ends of the affected tooth’s canal roots the roots length are determined with the help of endometric measurement systems. Afterwards a warm and natural filling material is poured into the canal roots. As long as this material is still warm it spills into the smallest hollow spaces. Once it dries it creates a 100% sealed root filling that doesn’t leave any room for new bacteria attacks. Thanks to the very effective thermoplastic root fillings it is now possible to save those teeth free of complaints.

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