Ideal prevention – the best cure

No matter what type of dental problems you have: We are happy to assist you! But it is even better if those problems don’t occur at all. Proper dental care is the key foundation to successful preservation of your dental health. Besides brushing your teeth properly and using dental floss this also includes a professional tooth cleaning on a regular basis. Our prophylaxis team looks forward to your visit and is happy to assist you with protecting your teeth from damage through perfect cleanliness.

Steps of a professional tooth cleaning:

• Teeth get thoroughly checked for cavity or other damages
• All mild and strong plaque gets removed with special instruments
• Teeth, interdental spaces and periodontal pockets are cleaned thoroughly
• Afterwards the teeth’s surface is polished until nice and smooth
• A final mineralization protects from future acid attacks by using fluoride, calcium and phosphate
• In the end you receive important and useful tips about effective domestic dental care

PCT & Bleaching – the ideal combination for clean and white teeth

A just carried out PCT provides ideal conditions for a bleaching. The teeth are perfectly cleaned, even the interdental spaces, which is an ideal basis for an even bleaching. Lots of patient combine these two visits in one appointment to go home not only with a bright and clean smile but also shiny teeth.

Would you like a PTC appointment? Or do you prefer a combination appointment with PTC and bleaching? We are here to help you.