Gum problems? - We are glad to help

If your gum is always swollen and starts bleeding at the slightest touch – e.g. brushing your teeth – it might be a sign for bacteria and plaque attached between your teeth and gum causing infections. Such a gum infection, also called Gingivitis, if only on the surface, can be taken care of simply by thoroughly removing harmful germs and plaque. Usually a PTC (professional tooth cleaning) is enough because the teeth, interdental spaces and periodontal pockets get cleaned optimally. The relieved gum can regenerate itself and you don’t have to worry about painful contact anymore. To prevent gingivitis a professional tooth cleaning should be done on a regular basis.

Laser technology against periodontitis

If the infection has already progressed the gum and maybe even jaw bone might start regressing. In this case you speak of periodontitis. An untreated periodontitis might even result in loss of teeth because the periodontium gets instable due to the permanent infection and affected teeth start getting loose and finally fall out. Therefore, it is recommended to start periodontal treatment as early as possible. Harmful pathogens are intensively fought und removed to bring the bacterial flora of the mouth back to normal. To achieve this goal we work with a special laser technique. The laser treatment cleans every inch of your gum even the deepest periodontal pockets – completely but extremely gentle. Due to the particularly thorough cleaning additional treatment with antibiotics is, in most cases, not necessary because the gum is already germ free and well prepared for healing. The course of treatment depends on the stage the periodontist was in. Occasionally it is necessary to restore parts of the jawbones to provide enough stability for the teeth again. If that should be the case we offer effective and gentle methods that will make your teeth powerful again and bring back your healthy gum.

Would you like to know more about gingivitis, periodontitis or jawbone restoration? We are happy to advise you. Also if you would like an appointment for PTC we are available at any time.