Inlays and crowns

Dentures – Naturally beautiful, precisely fitting and long lasting

Even with great dental hygiene there is a risk of cavities and teeth can get damaged. It might be necessary to repair the affected tooth with an inlay, a crown or partial crown. Inlays and crowns are tooth colored fully ceramic dentures that are so accurate and fitting that just by looking at them they can barely be distinguished from healthy teeth.

The size of the cavity determines if inlays, partial crowns or even full crowns are necessary to repair the tooth. Inlays are small, fully ceramic work pieces that are inserted perfectly into the hole which was cleaned from caries beforehand. Partial crowns are recommendable if a smaller area needs to be reconstructed. Crowns can even replace an entire tooth and are also used as structure for dental implants.

Right before inlays and crowns can be inserted the tooth, as mentioned above, needs to be made entirely cavity free and ground to guarantee that the inlays, partial crowns or crowns will fit. At our practice we offer the modern CEREC 3D method which allows the entire procedure of cavity removal all the way to implanting the new dentures to be covered in only one session.

CEREC 3D – Dentures without castings in just one session

Dentures that are made with CEREC 3D technologies offer lots of benefits for patients. Thanks to this modern method it’s enough to simply photograph the affected tooth instead of having to take inconvenient castings. The 3D image gets edited on the screen until a perfect virtual tooth is created. Afterwards the data gets send to a milling machine to shape a perfect denture from a ceramic block. The result are perfectly adapted, extremely well fitting and solid plus 100% natural looking inlays, partial crowns and crowns. A perfect result for a perfect smile – without castings, long waiting periods and no temporary solutions.

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