Composit – the filling no one can see

Even if you pay particular attention to you dental hygiene its always possible caries finds a way to outwit you. In case of early diagnosis a small filling is usually enough to treat the tooth successfully. By now Composit has established its position as most popular filling material with patients. The main reason is that compared to the beforehand used amalgam this mixture of plastic and ceramic is tooth-colored and therefore near invisible. Besides the aesthetic aspect it is also the wholesomeness that motivates patients to exchange old amalgam fillings with more naturally appearing, solid plastic fillings. However, Composit isn’t just an ideal filling material for cavity damage but also works well to accurately repair breakages of incisors.

Treatment steps with Composit

• The affected tooth gets freed from cavity under local anesthesia
• Afterwards the remaining hole gets filled in with Composit, selected by the tooth color.
• Now the material needs to harden which only takes a few minutes.
• Subsequently the tooth gets ground and polished
• Immediately after the procedure the tooth can already be used properly again
• Further sessions are not necessary

Would you like to exchange your old amalgam fillings with composit? We love to help you!