Cerec 3D

Mother Nature could not have done a better job! – Perfect dental prostheses due to latest technologies

Besides the trouble-free, strong performance it’s especially aesthetics that defines good dental prostheses. Today’s patient has the right to expect that his dental prostheses isn’t just as strong as an actual tooth but also looks like one. Latest 3D computer technology provides maximum stability, natural aesthetics and a perfect fit by reconstructing lost or damaged teeth due to caries or other dental problems.

At our practice in Port d’Andratx we work with the CEREC 3D method – with great success. With this tool we are able to create fully ceramic inlays, crowns, partial crowns and veneers adapted individually to every patient in an extremely uncomplicated manner. All that without any uncomfortable casting in just one session.

How does CEREC-3D work?

• The CEREC measuring camera takes a three dimensional image of your teeth
• No inconvenient casting
• Instead, the 3D image will be transferred onto a monitor where it can be virtually edited. During the computer-aided designing you can lean back in your chair and watch
• Afterwards the finished data is going to be forwarded to a CNC milling machine, which turns the image into reality within only a few minutes by shaping a 100% accurate imprint of the tooth. In this fast, easy and pleasant manner crowns, inlays and veneers that resemble the nature as close as possible can be produced and make it near impossible to detect the difference in appearance and function.
• Only a few more finishing touches by hand and the dentures can already be used
• All these steps can usually be realized in just one session

The results will amaze you!

The advantages of CEREC-3D:

• Only one session
• No unpleasant castings
• No inconvenient temporary prostheses
• Perfect fit
• individual design of the tooth
• extremely durable and robust
• perfect color adaptation to existing teeth
• 100% natural results

Are you interested in CEREC-3D dentures? We are happy to give you further advice.