Marvelous white teeth – professionally and gently

Beautiful white teeth are a main characteristic of a neat and attractive appearance which gives them a great importance not only for aesthetic but also cultural reasons. Sadly, not everybody is lucky enough to be naturally given such bright teeth as one might wish for. Furthermore outside influences like coffee, tea, and nicotine can have a great impact on the color of your teeth. In any of those cases bleaching provides an excellent solution to brighten up your smile. But all bleachings are not the same. If done unprofessionally you might suffer from bad results like damaged enamel or uneven colored teeth. To prevent those side effects we recommend to choose a bleaching procedure supervised by a dentist. At our practice we offer you a bleaching process that protects your teeth perfectly and at the same time gives your teeth a smooth and stainless appearance.

What are the steps of a professional bleaching?

First session:

• Professional tooth cleaning (PTC) provides ideal conditions for an ideal bleaching result by removing plaque and tartar from your teeth and creating a smooth and clean surface.
• afterwards the current tooth color gets documented and the new, desired color gets picked
• finally a dental impression will be taken to craft individual bleaching splint

Second session:

• adaptation of finalized splint
• first bleaching process takes place

Conveniently at home:

• further bleaching processes can easily be done at home
• we will provide you with all needed materials and show you what must be kept in mind

Third session:

• now a follow up exam will be done
• results will be compared to the old, previously documented color samples
• Together we will be amazed and cherish the results!
• Subsequently you will go home with a beaming white and satisfied smiled!

Are you interested in a professional bleaching? Simply make an appointment.