Anxiety patients

Scared of your dentist appointment? We prove to you that it does not have to be that way

Seeing a dentist usually does not arouse joyous anticipation. That’s absolutely normal. However, some people already suffer from panic attacks when thinking about upcoming dentist appointments. This anxiety can go as far as canceling or repetitively putting off important appointments. Even constant pain and visible dental decay can’t persuade people with dental phobia to overcome their fear and seek medical help.

Are you scared of dentist appointments? In that case, you are in good hands at our office because dealing with anxiety patients is one of Dr. Hansen’s and his team’s therapy focuses. We guide you patiently and understandingly by working on your fear together and accompanying your improvements step by step to permanently dispel the fear and restore your healthy smile.

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Healthy teeth anxiety free – we will be pleased to help you

The experience with anxiety patients has shown us that taking the first step and setting up an appointment without any commitments is worth the result. You will see: After that first step it will be easier than expected to shake off the fear, gain trust in your dentist through mild treatment methods and renew your powerful and vibrant smile. Believe in yourself! Your teeth will thank you for it.